Battle to the Top
Saint Helene and Galaxy Make the Play-offs

March 1st, 2009
by Thomas Tomczyk


A Galaxy player dribbles in front of two opponents.

A Galaxy player dribbles in front of two opponents.

On a wet and muddy field at the Coxen Hole stadium, a second to last round of Roatan’s division was being played out. February 22 offered the final opportunities for 10 teams to earn the points for playoff classification. Coxen Hole’s Galaxy and Oak Ridge’s Arsenal Reserva faced off.

With 33 points and only one game in the season remaining, Galaxy had already guaranteed itself a place in the playoffs, placing second after Saint Helene Estrellas. Arsenal Reserva, with just six points won in the season, had no way of making it through to the playoffs. Reserva was playing to save face.

The first three goals of the game were scored within 25 minutes. Sam Dilbert scored for the Galaxy team, then Erlin Brisuela from Arsenal Reserva equalized just a few minutes later. Kerin Brian then made it 2-1 for Arsenal Reserva. The remainder of the first half saw Galaxy constantly attacking in an effort to equalize.

In the second half Galaxy’s efforts paid off, when at the 70 minute mark Hernan Rivera placed a penalty ball into Arsenal Reserva’s net. Minutes later an Arsenal Reserva player was sent off with a red card for attacking a referee. The confrontation didn’t end there, as another one of the Reserva players, this time the goalkeeper, followed and threatened the referee. He too received a red card, and referees whistled the game over with almost 20 minutes remaining in regular time.

The final score was 2-2, with two red cards. [/private]

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