Back to the Future II

September 1st, 2006
by George S. Crimmin

[private] v4-9-Speaking OutRecently I wrote several columns that were highly critical of our political and civic leaders. I would like to stress that this is only possible in a society that honors and respects freedom of the press. For this privilege I am truly grateful.

Despite the many shortcomings of our government, this is one thing that we should applaud. When we consider the different types of governments, past and present, we are blessed to live in a society that values personal freedoms. I would argue that the biggest difference between modern western democracies and those of the past is the guarantee our constitution affords us in the area of individual rights.

Let me offer some examples of other forms of governments. For instance, if you lived in a socialist country and had two cows, the state would take one and give it to your neighbor. How about that? If you lived in a Communist State, the government would take both cows, but would give you some of the milk. Would you prefer that? If you lived in a fascist country the government would also take both cows and then sell you the milk. I doubt very much that you would like that. Of course, if you found yourself living under Nazi rule and had two cows, the state would confiscate them both and then shoot you. I’m pretty sure you would not like that!

In our representative form of government, also known as democracy, we can dispose of personal property in whatever manner we choose. Simply put, we all have a certain responsibility to make sure that the boundaries of freedom are never reduced, but expanded upon. We need to monitor the behavior of our leaders, after all, laws were not written for the benefit of the majority, but to protect the minority form the majority. I urge all of our citizens to know your rights, learn them, for how else would you know if they are being violated or respected?

History teaches us that whenever one group of people exercised control over another, they always ended up abusing them.

Let us work at becoming an informed people, a people that believe in the rule of law, from top to bottom. Someone once said, “The people should never be afraid of their government, the government should fear the people.” [/private]

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