Back in the Saddle Again
Julio Galindo Takes Oath of Office

February 1st, 2010
by Jennifer Mathews


Mayor, vice-mayor and city council members take oath of office.

Mayor, vice-mayor and city council members take oath of office.

In an inauguration ceremony at Roatan Bilingual School in Coxen Hole at 3pm on January 25, Julio Galindo and the Roatan municipal city council members from the National and Liberal Parties took the oath of office on the Honduran flag. About 1,000 people gathered to witness the changing of the guard between Julio Galindo, and Dale Jackson, with Galindo becoming mayor and Jackson taking his seat as first city council member.

Galindo began his political career as mayor from 1970 to 1974. Galindo is a demonstrated businessman as owner of Anthony’s Key Resort, and nature enthusiast in his endeavors in marine sciences and exotic plant preservation. He has always been active in social issues, namely healthcare, potable water, and the reduction of drug addiction and crimes. In the early 1990s, he was instrumental in the creation of Proyecto Manejo Ambiental Islas de la Bahia (PMAIB). In a race in 2005, Galindo ran for the mayoral seat again against Dale Jackson and lost, assuming his place as second city council member. Campaigning again against each other again in the 2009 race, Galindo finally assumed his position as mayor again.

Italio Tugliani was named municipal attorney. Tugliani was the chief architect of ZOLITUR, and member of the transition committee which also included Clinton Everett, Ricardo Merren, and Neomie Lopez. Shawn Hyde was named Governor.

In the ceremony, previous mayor Jackson gave a farewell speech, acknowledging the challenges of his mayoral position, and thanking God for the strength to carry out his accomplishments.

Galindo, in his speech, drew large applause for his strong stance on order and security for the island as the key point in his speech. He quoted ex-diputado Jerry Hynds saying, “Security is the most important thing we can have.” He vowed to crack down on crime in Roatan, pointing to drug addiction, child delinquency, lack of punishment, high unemployment and tourism as target problems to work on. He called on the help of the community to keep the police, fiscales, and authorities in check. Galindo also pointed to infrastructure, such as building roads from Oakridge to Camp Bay and from the entrance of Mud Hole to French Harbour, as integral to attracting and facilitating foreign investment.

Present at the ceremony were Guanaja mayor Richmond Hurlston and Santos Guardiola Perry Bodden, who was also sworn in earlier on the same day at a ceremony in Pandy Town in Oak Ridge. Utila mayor Alton Cooper was not in attendance. [/private]

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