Astrid Whittaker Smith

July 1st, 2007

[private] v5-7-Fashion-Astrid Whittaker SmithWho & Where From?: Astrid Whittaker Smith is one of the best cashiers you’ll find just about anywhere. The 20-year-old Coxen Holian has endured a boot camp of sorts working without a day off for her first month at her Plaza Mar. Now things are a bit better.
What & Why: “I try to stay up-to-date with fashion by reading magazines,” says Astrid. “I check out new arrivals at stores to see what’s trendy.” Her colorful and floral ‘maternity style’ top by ‘Blue Girl’ was purchased at Carrion for Lps. 345. Her dark blue stretch jeans by ‘Aqua’ were bought at Plaza Mar women’s store for Lps. 370. Her golden ‘Karina’ flip-flops were another Plaza Mar purchase at Lps. 250. “Sometimes I get a discount here,” says Astrid. Working in 12-hour-a-day shifts, six days a week, Astrid has little time to do any shopping. She takes a few minutes off checking on new fashion arrivals before any one else does. Still Astrid’s look is all about accessories: bracelets, earrings and more earrings and bracelets. Astrid buys her bracelets by the dozen, or at least half-dozen. Her six gold and silver colored bracelets were purchased at ‘Gemini’ for Lps. 150 a pair or Lps. 400 per six. Her ‘Neri’ shades were a gift from her dad living in the States. Another gift, a graduation one, are golden elephant earrings- a gift from her friend Jessica. Golden studded earrings were another Carrion purchase- Lps. 120. Finally single stud earrings from Gemini in Los Fuertes and a Tienda Mariela earrings, Lps. 70 a pair, complete Astrid’s ear decorations. Her pink eye-shadow matches to the tone of her chandelier-like earrings with pink glass. “It doesn’t take too much time to get ready,” explains Astrid.
In Conclusion: Astrid is a living example of how to make accessories the focus of what you wear. “I spend so much time here, at least I can wear what I want,” says Astrid who fortunately works in one of the few stores that doesn’t have a work dress policy, at least not yet. Working 9am to 9pm day-in, day-out can wear anyone down. An individualized fashion sense can help you to stay upbeat and keep an optimistic outlook. [/private]

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