Artist Known as Conk

October 1st, 2008
by Thomas Tomczyk

[private] Patrick Bush is an energetic, youthful artist, songwriter and producer who is attempting to create a musical identity of the Bay Islanders. This lanky, tall 26-year-old was born in Oak Ridge and has been living off-island for most of his adult life. In early 2008 Patrick came back to Roatan to rediscover his roots and reconnect with the community he grew up in.
Patrick graduated from Mazapan High School in La Ceiba, then studied music technology at a Junior College in California. “Conk,” as Patrick calls himself, has been producing music for the past four years.

“We have a whole number of issues we could be rapping about: reef bleaching, immigration, poverty, HIV. We live on an island paradise and we don’t need to be rapping about ghetto,” says Patrick. “They are rapping about fake diamonds in their ears when they live on Calle Ocho,” says Patrick who has been trying to find a sound that is unique to the islands and not a reproduction or an imitation of music from the US or Jamaica.

He starts off with recording raw sounds: voices of Roatan’s “street personalities,” downloads beats and, along with his original lyrics, mixes a sound that is not only original, but exemplifies the Bay Islands. “I found the Bay Islands sound. It comes from Jamaican dance hall and American Hip Hop,” says Patrick about his up-temp sound with a conga beat. “Music is a powerful thing if you try calling out people.”

All is not easy for the young artist. To support himself financially Patrick is working as a school teacher at Sandy Bay Alternative School. After hours he also works with young island artists to produce their first songs and music CDs. “I want to reach into the culture and bring out talent,” says Patrick about the 15 artists he helps mix and produce songs with at his small apartment studio.. [/private]

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