May 30th, 2012

v10-6-Fashion PoliceWho & Where From: Anonymous patron at Nova Bar in West End May 19, obviously enjoying what the DJ was playing. Know she’s from Roatan, but she wasn’t willing to divulge anything else, and her friend (in black to left) took offense at the photo being snapped. A free copy of the Voice’s Roatan Magic coffee-table book to first person to identify.
What & Why: A tight-fitting, short, sleeveless, wildlife-print blue dress with oversized earrings and multiple bracelets, because she looked hot in it on the dancefloor.
In Conclusion: Feel a bit bad about using this photo without permission, but the title of this column is after all “Fashion Police,” not “Fashion Polite,” and in this part of the world, the police shoot first and ask questions later, right?

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