A Tight Race
A Court Ruling Clarifies Who Will Run for the BI Liberal Ticket for Congress

January 1st, 2009
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[private] The fight for the Liberal Party Congress nomination hasn’t been so contested as in the 2008. While the National Party candidates on Pepe Lobo’s ticket won all five nominations, the Liberal Party seats were divided between the Roberto Micheleti and Elwin Santos candidates.

The biggest surprise and closest election came in the Liberal Party’s race for the Congress seat. Dorn Ebanks, an Elwin Santos candidate and ex Bay Islands governor, found himself neck-in-neck against a less experienced, and less known across the department Micheleti candidate Ernesto Wesley.

On the December 1 election night, with only 85% of votes counted, and a slim 37 vote lead, the election board announced Wesley as the winner. Ebanks challenged the election results in Tegucigalpa and obtained what is likely to be a first recount in Bay Islands internal election history. After completion of the recount Ebanks squeaked by as the winner by a mere 12 votes.

The Honduran national elections will take place on the last Sunday of November, on November 27. [/private]

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