A Society in Trouble

July 1st, 2010

[private] A quick glance at the nightly news on the local TV network will tell you that we are living in dangerous times. The sad thing about the news is that it always mentions the number of people violently killed but hardly ever says anything about the perpetrators of these crimes being caught. It seems to me that in our society the value of human life has gone way down and our police’s ability to bring the murderers to justice has also eroded. I believe that the reason so many murders are being committed is the simple fact that in this country there are no sure deterrents to dissuade the delinquents from their dastardly deeds. Does that sound a lot like Dodge City of old when the man with the fastest gun made his own law? In this country it is called “La ley del mas fuerte” and there are signs of this attitude throughout all levels of our society. It is reflected in the entire quotidian goings-on of the ordinary citizens, for a good example of this just take a look at their driving.

At first I thought that their complete disregard for the almost universal traffic laws was due to their ignorance of said laws but I was wrong, they are acting out their own inbred strain of machismo and this applies not only to the men it also includes the women. A Honduran driver will not think twice to block an intersection impeding the passage of dozens of cars just as long as he gets ahead of the rest. Even the pedestrian show their true colors when crossing the street, they will step off the sidewalk at any point along the block and will walk into fast moving traffic without looking in either direction and when caught up in the middle of traffic they will not even hasten their pace to get out of harm’s way, they are psychologically prepared to show courage in the face of danger.

Don’t get me wrong, they are not displaying true courage because one of the things that does not require very much courage is the ability to murder an unarmed man. It is my contention that even the most pious of men will commit crimes if there are no guaranteed punishments for the act.

In this country the delinquents don’t have to think twice about committing a horrible crime because they reason that they will not be caught, and on the very slim chance they are caught there will not be enough evidence to convict them, and if they are convicted they will not be sentenced and if they are sentenced they will not get the maximum sentence and if they are giving the maximum they will serve only a small part of it. Even when they are found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt they can rest assured that their family will avenge their sentencing by killing the defense lawyer that lost the case and the judge that handed down the sentence. Believe it or not, this very unhealthy attitude towards others and this posture towards life are learned in the home and only when we teach our kids to respect others will they learn to respect themselves. Then, and only then, will we cleanse our society of delinquents and cold blooded killers.

I remember seeing these words written somewhere by someone not so famous and I think that this is what parents should try to teach their kids: Watch your thoughts, they may turn into words. Watch your words, they may turn into deeds. Watch your deeds, they can become habits. Watch your habits, they can form your character. Watch your character, because it will determine your future. [/private]

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