A Love Trilogy
by Clarie Bennett

June 28th, 2012

[private] v10-7-culture-couple Full of love

Love is not a secret, but is greater than magic.
Full whit pure water and numerous diamonds.
“Oh” if every secret were the seam.
Then love would have being, the best one of them all.

I watch the sun shine, night and day go away.
But what is the basic of love are the question of my dough.
Is it passion or sex, how would I know?
But believe me; love sometimes can get very difficult.

Every dream may seem real, but love is not always in them.
Why and why not are two things that comes to my mind.
When feeling lonely comes to visit me,
And am too mad to say that am sorry.

Hiding may be worthy, but for a very good cause.
Love may be needful, but for a simple need.
When two people really fall in love.
There it’s nothing so simple about that.

What about cheating?

Sweet dream on my mind,
Gazed a window
Not too far away.
Seeing what others don’t see.

Am a waster spending millions of stairs,
That don’t even belongs to me,
For the reason that cheating
Was not meant to be.

Far from home walked lonely.
Finding a way to rescue my heart.
If love were pure then maybe cheating
Would have being just a mist understanding.

The Five Last Words

Love is far, close and near.
making mistake like a million to chair.
oh what is like to say am free.

like a lion track in a nest.
dusty clothe covers his skin.
waiting whit fear he opens his eyes.
love is a feeling that no one can resist.

what a day to say am sorry.
for every thing wrong and right.
open up your heart and let me,
enter in one more time.

saying that i love you may don’t sound too real.
but saying that am sorry are a honest poem.
fill whit; Love, Compassion, Happiness, Joy and the best one
of them all Forgiveness. [/private]

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by Clarie Bennett

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