A Classic Struggle
Kool and Pirates Make it to Island Baseball Finals

August 1st, 2009
by Thomas Tomczyk


Kool Pitcher Clay Williams is carried around on players arms.

Kool Pitcher Clay Williams is carried around on players arms.

On July 19, in the first two games of the six-game final series II Kool and Pirates ended tied up. In the morning game Pirates persevered 6-5, but in the afternoon game Kool won 13-9.

On July 26 at the Gravel’s Bay stadium there was no room to sit, no room to park your car. Kool, led by pitcher Ben Walker, won the first match-up easily 14-4 and placed the burden on the shoulders of the Pirates, a task especially difficult since the Sandy Bay team brought only nine players with them.

Pirates struggled to keep pace. In third inning they had things tied up 2-2, but a much deeper bench and excellent pitching on the part of Kool’s Ben Walker and Clay Williams caught up with Pirates.

To make matters worse the Pirates were losing some close calls at first base and home plate. “We’re playing with just a few men. No reason to beat up on us,” shouted a Sandy Bay supporter at the umpire. “You know now how it feels,” answered a Kool player.

Kool fans were doing their best to produce voodoo of their own. A man ran around the stadium playing a cow’s horn. Another brought out a palm branch and begun sweeping the dirt in front. The game finally ended 7-5, a deserved victory for Kool.

Going into the closing games of the series Kool needed to win only one of the two games on August 1 to win the championship. A much better place to be, even if playing away from home. “We’ve been trying to bee more patient,” said Martin Mann, Kool’s manager. [/private]

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