Fashion Police

August 29th, 2012

[private]v10-9-fashion policeWho & Where From: A face in the crowd at a recent nighttime street festival in Coxen Hole.
What & Why: A red, ruffled, sleeveless camisole-type top; a sort of corsette-style white short; cork-based platform sandals with white uppers and jerry-curled hair. Cool and suitable to the occasion and climate.
In Conclusion:This basic but distinctive combination literally make the wearer stand out from the crowd. The top and the short form a nice line that accentuate her figure, while the platform sandals compensate for the fact that, well, she’s short. The white shorts and sandals contrast nicely with her skin tone. The straps of her top nicely frame her hair. The ensemble is eye-catching and cute without being vulgar (there was more than enough vulgarity on stage that night). Thumbs up.[/private]

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