22 Aisles of Goodies
archipelago’s Biggest Supermarket Opens in French Harbour

May 1st, 2009
by Thomas Tomczyk


Aisles of food in the Sun Supermarket French Harbour store.

Aisles of food in the Sun Supermarket French Harbour store.

Roatanians are likely to change their diet in the coming weeks and months. On April 17, the biggest food supermarket store on Roatan to date has opened in French Harbour. The 1,200 square meter facility is replacing the original Sun Supermarket next door that originally opened its doors, under the name Eldon’s, in December 1988.

Chinyet Associates, with experience in Cayman Islands and Bermuda, has designed and equipped the new store. A second Sun Supermarket, of roughly the same size and design, is due to open in September-October in Coxen Hole behind Petrosun gasoline station.

To fill the large space with food items, Sun Supermarkets has added another supplier – South-East. South-East has joined Supervalue supplier and is now the major supplier for the store and runs the deli and provides daily baked goods. “The first thing I bought was a chocolate covered doughnut,” said Liz Riggs, an American living on the island. There is organic milk and avocados from US, papayas from Belize. Prices of some US imported food products are competitive with many Honduran produce products spelling good times for shoppers and bad times for Honduran, even some local producers.

The layout, size, signing and thousands of food items are reminiscent of a US supermarket. “I kind of miss the old store. It makes me feel like I am back in the States,” says Heather Donnelly, a Palmetto resident. “But this is just great.”

According to Eldon Hyde, owner of Sun Supermarkets, the future use of the old supermarket building has not been decided yet. [/private]

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