Christine McLaughlin

March 1st, 2010
by Jennifer Mathews Photograph by Benjamin Roberts

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Who & Where From?: Susan Christine McLaughlin Cooper, 18, is the picture of urban and rural Bay Islands all rolled into one. She was born in Coxen Hole on Roatan, but moved to Pigeon Cay, in the Utila Cays when she was one year old. She attended the school there until sixth grade, which was as high as the Cay school went. To finish her schooling, she moved back to Roatan. A practical and intelligent head on her shoulders, she is now attending Santos Guardiola in her second batch of bookkeeping studies. “I like this type of business,” she said. “I’ve always been good at it, but it’s still challenging. I like trying harder things even if I’m not good at them.”
What & Why: From a family of all girls, she is the youngest of five sisters, and now has two nieces. She enjoys cooking, going to the beach, and playing volleyball. On the island, she shops at places such as Gemini in Los Fuertes and Tanya’s in French Harbour, but most of her clothes are ordered through the internet. Her outfit is an example of her online shopping skills. We caught up with Christine at her Coxen Hole home, where she does most of her shopping form her laptop on the couch. Her shirt is a turquoise soft cotton tank with bunched seams down the body line and bead and sequin embellishments around the neckline. The shirt was purchased online from Old Navy, $30. Her cream low-rider baggy skirt with seamed bottom edge was purchased online from Tommy, $60. Her silver strap Old Navy fashion sandals were a gift. She keeps her hair neatly pinned back and her toenails manicured in a pleasing pink. She never does her fingernails or wears any jewelry as she likes to dress in a simple and not too flashy style. She was also raised with Adventist influences, so she never wore jewelry growing up.
In Conclusion: Christine’s sensible nature keeps her successful in her studies and looking good while doing it. “I have simple tastes, but prefer quality.” She represents Roatan and Utila Cays with style. [/private]

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